The Pickle-Biotic Home Fermentation Kit

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HERE’S WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: This kit contains everything you need to make pickles and other cultured / fermented foods at home easily, safely and economically. You’ll have fun while saving money by preserving your produce and making healthy probiotic gourmet goodies that taste amazing! 
Pickles don't have to be just cucumbers, any vegetable or fruit can be made into a delicious, probiotic-rich cultured pickle!

Pickles don’t have to be just cucumbers, any vegetable or fruit can be made into a delicious, probiotic-rich cultured pickle!

The Pickle-Biotic Kit is a home fermentation kit which allows easy, raw, traditional pickling at home in just 4 days! The Kit comes with everything you need to start making cultured foods except a wide-mouth canning jar and whatever veggies you want to make! The Pickle-Biotic Kit also includes simple instructions, delicious recipes, and helpful tips to start fermenting right away! It has never been easier to enjoy home-made cultured / fermented / brine-pickled foods.

Every ancient culture ate “cultured” foods as an integral part of their traditional diets. Fermented food is an age-old culinary art form which has been nearly lost in Western Society, but cultured foods have been cherished and eaten daily for more than 4,000 years!

Today, science has demonstrated the ability of fermented foods to enhance digestion, strengthen the immune system, increase mineral and vitamin absorption, increase energy, and cleanse the entire body. The secret is the high amounts of living beneficial probiotic cultures they contain. By supplementing your diet with live-cultured, fermented veggies, like the ones you can make easily with the Pickle-Biotic Home Fermentation Kit, you’ll never need to buy expensive probiotic supplements again!

8 Steps to Brine Pickling

The important thing to remember about pickling vegetables and other foods with brine is that the food matter needs to be submerged under the salty brine with as little touching the surface of the brine as possible. The Pickle-Biotic kit excels in doing this with ease – just follow these simple steps to perfect pickles.

Wash all the components of your Pickle-Biotic kit with warm, soapy water and rinse well. Clean all your vegetables and your working surface. Take out the wide-mouth canning jar you are going to pickle in, and wash it thoroughly. You will be sealing your wide-mouth canning jar with the metal band that came with it.


Step 1: Chop all veggies to the size you prefer, or leave whole (as in the case of whole pickles).

Salt Brine

Step 2: Make brine (see “Making Salt Brine For Pickling”). Fill the brine up to the halfway mark on the jar. If it is a quart-size canning jar, fill the brine up to the “2 cups” mark.

Pack Veggies

Step 3: Pack veggies into the jar. Pour some brine out into the sink if you need to make a little more room for as many veggies as possible.

Weight Cup

Step 4: Put the weight cup on top of the veggies. If your pickle jar is really full, you may need to apply pressure down on the cup in order to fill it about a quarter of the way full with overflowing brine.

Insert Rubber Grommet

Step 5: Insert the small end of the tapered rubber grommet into the perforated lid until approximately one fourth of an inch pokes through.

Fill Airlock Chambers

Step 6: Fill both chambers of the airlock tube up to the “max” line with water and then put the cap on top of the airlock.

Step 7

Step 7: Insert the bottom of the airlock into the top end (wider end) of the tapered rubber grommet, so that it’s snug. Fit the red-rubber sealing ring onto the underside of the lid with the airlock and grommet attached. Set the lid with the attached airlock onto the pickling jar and check that the red-rubber sealing ring is visible and fits uniformly around the entire circumference of the lid and the lip of the jar.

Step 8

Step 8: Put the metal band over the airlock and lid, and tighten by twisting it to the right until the jar is sealed.

Leave your pickles out at room temperature for 4 days. Temperatures ranging from 50 degrees Fahrenheit to 90 degrees Fahrenheit are acceptable for fermentation. In tropical and or hot climates fermentation is naturally accelerated. You can extend the duration of your normal fermentation period from 4 days to 2 weeks if desired. Just check to be sure that the water in your airlock doesn’t evaporate. When your pickles are done fermenting, take off the perforated lid and airlock, and remove the weight cup. Use the additional BPA-free lid for storage of the pickled veggies in the refrigerator. Fermented foods are best kept in the refrigerator after fermentation. Wash all components of the Pickle-Biotic by hand with warm soapy water and allow to air dry.

Do not wash in dishwasher or submerge in boiling water.