Scrivener and the Tarot

In the past month, I’ve become increasingly involved in two new studies of interest (well, actually like ten, but I’m only going to talk about two of them right now). One of them is my rider-waite tarot deck, and the other is the writing program Scrivener. I’m not even going to get into all the […]

Writing From Inspiration

As I type this, I am sitting by the open front door of my home. I just finished a workout. A jug of spring water sits next to my shiny new computer. A vase of beautiful fresh spring flowers (which my partner picked for me yesterday) peeks out above the screen, and every time I […]

Quick Update

Its crazy that its been so long since I blogged. Time is just flying by! I just wanted to give a short update over my mate, while I put off yoga for a few more minutes ; ) My book reached the 50,000 word mark in my last writing session. It’s time to start gearing […]

Planting Cabbages, Telling Stories

Three years ago, I fell in love. With kimchi. The crunchy, spicy, probiotic-rich, fire-engine-red Korean condiment had me at hello; just one glance at those fiery colors that promised heat with lip-burning power, just the pure pigment of it was enough to get my mouth watering for that mean sour punch that I knew it […]

First post!

Hopefully, this post ends up hiding so far back in the archives of hilarious, witty, downright captivating blog posts on this site that no one will ever see it, because I don’t really know what to say other than hello! And a little about myself. I am currently fast-tracking myself into the depths of another […]